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Summer Cocktails Stickers Collection | Pack or unit

Summer Cocktails Stickers Collection | Pack or unit

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☁ Product Details ☁

♥ Size (LxH): Between 5 cm to 8 cm in height (i.e. 3 in or 4 in height)
♥ Materials: Matte Vinyl
♥ Water resistant: Yes

☁ Notes ☁

Please note that it is possible that colors may vary from one screen to another and therefore also appear slightly different upon receipt. Bonuses are included in every order ♥

☁ Discover ☁

Stickers from the Cocktails collection. To choose from: 8 models of colorful cocktails to refresh yourself. An intruder has slipped into this collection. But hey, he seems to like this collection so I'll let him... Have you guessed which one?

For no-fuss cocktails, enjoy them individually or in packs of 4 or 8 for those with a sweet tooth!

Waterproof, these stickers are suitable for phone, computer, notebook, etc. Possibility of repositioning them according to the surface.
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