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Hello ! I am IhoomiArt, 25 year old illustrator and entrepreneur. It's been several years now since I embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship and some time ago, I took the plunge and decided to do business in a new way by sharing with you one of my lifelong passions. : the drawing. I created my brand "IhoomiArt Shop" to share my world through stationery, decorative or useful products.

 ☁ Dream your daily

IhoomiArt Shop offers “dreamscapes” and heavenly landscapes to dream about your daily life.✦ It’s in the details, sometimes simple objects and tools, that you can transform your day. Because if I find it beautiful to set goals and work for your dreams, I consider that the process is just as important, precious and that each day deserves to be romanticized even in the small details of everyday life (a beautiful living space , little pleasures, and above all accessories that are both beautiful and practical ✿). I create my designs with the sole objective, that even with one glance, you are transported and inspired through my creations.
Vibe your daily life with IhoomiArt Shop and achieve your dreams

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