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Oopsie Mystery bag

Oopsie Mystery bag

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☁ Product Details ☁

The “Oopsie Mystery Bag” are surprise bags comprising products that are too imperfect to sell but much too beautiful and useful to be thrown away ♥ As they are imperfect they benefit from a big promotion and it is a good gesture for the anti -waste’♥

☁ Content ☁

- New products not found on the shop
- Stickers or sticker sheets with slight cutting errors; printing errors (small spots / slight bleeds / colors too saturated or not enough / black and white); size errors, etc.

If you take several oopsie bags, I will make sure to vary the visuals but there may still be duplicates.

☁ 3 Formula ☁

The “sticker packs”:
Content : 8 stickers + Bonus (2 to 5 bonuses in the pack)

The “pack sticker sheet”
Content:  3 sheets of stickers

The “mix packs”:
Content : 1 mini sticker sheet + 1 magnet + 10 stickers

☁ Notes ☁

Freebies are included in every order ♥
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